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Responses adapted to each reality

Offering Software as a Service (SaaS), Phone Focus helps organizations rationalize time spent in areas related to telephony:

  • Users: Providing monthly by email a summary of your consumption and deviations, as well as metrics and detail of all your calls via web, creating a relationship of transparency and self-control.
  • Managers: Reporting deviations and analyzing the consumption made by the people under their responsibility (at any level).
  • User Service Center: Helping and / or managing the fleet of terminals and associated lines, managing incidents, giving support to users and communicating with operators.
  • Accounting: Treating and distributing the costs of different invoices by accounting accounts according to the business rules for your load in ERP.

  • Treasury: Improving the income statement by optimizing costs, adjusting deviations, influencing self-containment, controlling inventory and recovering billing errors.
  • Management control: Calculating budgets and analyzing deviations. Analyzing and projecting costs per company, area, department, cost center, months or operator.
  • General Services: Applying usage policies, managing inventory or refacturing services.
  • Organization and systems: Integrating control and management information automatically with other systems and making reports.
  • Purchasing: Supporting and advising in tenders and bids with benchmarking and pricing tools with accurate and updated technical knowledge of the market. Auditing invoices and contracts.