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SUCCESS STORIES – RELEASING RESOURCES: Creation of a remote telephony management office

Locating in the business and outsourcing low value added tasks also applies to Help Desk Telecommunications services. If in addition to the support and accompaniment to the users in areas of telecommunications we add services with greater content as well as tasks of Control, Management, Optimization and Efficient Use of Telephony, the results are evident.

With several offices throughout Spain and with users accustomed to travel a few hours in advance, we were proposed to make staff available for the performance of management tasks and support to users related to telephony.

The main proposed support tasks were focused on:

  • Contact center and scaling functions
  • Daily management, incident resolution and user support
  • Inventory of lines, terminals and management of organisational structures
  • Management and maintenance of lines and services
  • Terminal configuration and delivery
  • Terminal repair support, providing replacement terminals
  • Formation of own applications
  • Daily interaction with operators, coordination and control
  • Control of the billing and monitoring of refunds
  • Ensure compliance with communications policy

In order to offer a high added value solution, a Telephony Support Office was presented based on 7 pillars:

  • High content service integrated with the organization, focused on covering any non-strategic tasks related to telecommunications and on proactivity
  • High focus on reducing roaming costs provided with constant and unplanned international travel.
  • Remote management for the configuration and delivery of terminals based on emergency device stock at Lean Focus offices, urgent messaging services, positioning of devices by the operator and use of MDM tools
  • High interaction with the operator management center: discharges, incidents, repair service, service optimization, subscription request, etc.
  • Realization of complementary administrative services for the optimization, control, management and efficient use of telephony
  • Flexibility and high availability of resources when performing mostly tasks from Lean Focus offices
  • Regular steering committees to ensure the quality of service of the office


As a result of the implementation of the Office of Support to the Telephony a decrease of incidences was achieved (decrease of 17.4% of the tickets), an improvement of the level of service (decrease of the average time of resolution 13,2) and savings in telecommunications costs of 29.8%.



Decrease in incidences


Savings on telephone costs