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SUCCESS STORIES – A BUSINESS, A STRATEGY: Savings of 72% applying the right strategy

While they had been working with other consultants and specialists, the results were not good as expected. Even if resources were negotiated and invested, the costs remained high.

Due to the high cost of telecommunications, the client contacts Lean Focus. When we carried out the demo, we soon saw the problem. A first analysis helped us to detect the different profiles and to understand that we had to establish differentiated strategies:

  1. Management and international areas required high-end terminals, high roaming consumption and restrictive security measures
  2. Second-level managers and employees wanted access adapted to predominantly national voice and data traffic and good coverage for terminal incidents
  3. The retail network required immediate and permanent access to data from its hand held devices for route and order management
  4. The transport fleet demanded dedicated lines for its management, GPS and event tracking
  5. Production lines and physical devices required entry into digital interconnection

Looking for a unique solution, would not help and less when 70% of the expenses came from the lines used by the sales network. With more than 3,300 devices to cover the 2,500 routes, we found more than 800 hand helds without any use in the 60 commercial offices as a contingency plan: a robbery, a failure or battery problems could ruin a day’s sales.

On the other hand, we began to analyze the consumption of the different applications used in the devices and how the transfer of images from points of sale was carried out. Likewise, the routes of Andorra and Portugal were analyzed, as well as the consumption of those devices that exceeded the rest. With all the data, applications could be recommended for use, a manual of good practices was detailed and a negotiation strategy was established.

We talked to the different operators with very clear objectives for each of the profiles. Differentiated solutions were established. In relation to the devices of the sales network, the objective was to pay just for each of the lines, not to pay for the useless ones and to establish tailor-made solutions with the routes of Portugal and Andorra.

First offers arrived and some modifications had to be requested in order to move from general solutions to more adapted to each activity. Soon the pieces began to fit together, and finally, the solutions offered the expected services.

Implementation was quick and clean, because in the vast majority of cases it was decided to introduce new cards avoiding portabilities and other problems detected. And soon, the results arrived, because in addition to having a service that satisfied all the profiles, a 73% saving in mobile telephony was achieved. It went from a cost of 600k€ to 180k€ per year.



I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”  (Jimmy Dean)

Annual telecommunications expenses

Annual expenses in mobile telephony


Savings on mobile telephony

Annual savings achieved in mobile telephony