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SUCCESS STORIES – LARGE REFUNDS IN LESS UNSUSPECTED TRAFFIC: The rigour in the analysis of voice traffic provides a subscription/savings of 64.516€

It is common to find billing errors in national voice traffic. But in this case, it became clear that doing a consumption analysis of the patterns of each type of call, even how common and repetitive they may seem, can help us to detect savings in less unsuspected traffic due to covert calls.

As a commercial measure we proposed to the technology manager of a distribution chain with more than half a thousand stores, to make a free demo of our services. For us, the proposed challenge was clear: to detect optimization actions or billing errors that counteract their skepticism.

Our interlocutor’s position was firm and solid and he was right. Three companies offering similar services had already passed and no one had ever found anything. Services ordered and adjusted, and responsible for rigorous and detailed follow-up.

With a total annual expenditure of 687,404€ on telephony, 98,446€ on fixed telephony, we spent a year on the Phone Focus platform.

Once the billing data has been processed and analyzed, in national voice traffic we detect a higher volume than other competitors and unusual in calls. These were not tariff errors; rather, destinations where certain calls were made from numerous centres were unusual.

In the comprehensive analysis of the 47,600 monthly calls, we detected that 86% of the volume of these calls were being made from various centers to a security company.

Covertly, they were calls that made alarms periodically and automatically. They were calls from the Call retry system to check that the alarm system works correctly, which were made without the knowledge of the customer, resulting in a net monthly cost of 1.862€.

When we presented the pilot, more than 15 optimization actions and various billing errors worth more than 145,000€ were detected. But the detection of the error in the Call Entry system stood out, for its complexity, above the rest.

The client jointly raised the situation with the security company requesting the refund of undue costs and a renegotiation of calls to call retry systems by correctly entering them and transferring the cost to the provider.

Shortly the situation was reversed getting, as a result, in the first year 64,516€ between subscriptions and savings.

Sometimes savings are not visible or intuitive. Sometimes it is necessary to have the necessary subroutines that help us to emerge opportunities in less unsuspected places.

Years later we are still working, not in vain with an 80% growth in lines, an increase in data consumption of 170%, updated and increased the capacity of the data network, we can see at the end an annual saving of 31.3%


Overall annual telephone charges

First year between refunds and savings


Annual saving