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SUCCESS STORIES – DAVID VS GOLIATH: Claiming to the end an error of 12.4% of the billing

Errors in telephony billing are always there. Finding them, reclaiming them in a way that compensates for the effort and achieving the corresponding refunds is another battle.

With an annual expenditure of 23.230€ 36 mobile devices (voice terminals, Blackberries, data cards and links) we faced an optimization project that contributed to our client, an engineering specializing in wastewater treatment plants, a cost reduction of 33.2%.

During the tracking phase that Lean Focus performs during the year after implantation, when we review monthly invoices, we began to detect small billing errors. Although the operator tried to adjust the systems, it didn’t completely correct all the errors, so little by little differences were accumulating that were not paid.

After 2 years claiming the refunds, and even after making a tariff change, the operator continued to accumulate differences until reaching almost 2.901€.

After exhausting all possible friendly measures, a claim to regularize the situation was submitted to the Arbitration Board of Consumption of Catalonia. After summonses and oral hearings, the Arbitral Award was communicated, granting the appeal by giving the operator 15 days to repair the debt.

It has been three and a half years of claims and resources, but the effort, very measured to avoid that the process was very expensive compared to the amount claimed, has had its reward.

Annual expenditure


Cost reduction


Refund obtained with respect to billing